Standard telepresence bot only $199

  • Tough rubber tracks work outside and inside over cables and rugs
  • 3 cell 12volt 24 - 48hr rechargable lipo battery with online sensor
  • 180° vertical vision, up and down
  • Solid metal shoulder platform on left and right for future upgrades
  • AC recharging adapter
RambleBot Arm Gripper  

Bot with arm and gripper only $248

  • Tough rubber tracks work outside and inside over cables and rugs
  • 3 cell 12volt 24 - 48hr rechargable lipo battery with online sensor
  • 180° vertical vision, up and down
  • Solid metal arm with end gripper!
  • AC recharging adapter
A mobile phone allows you to become the bot
Explore the real world from the comfort of your laptop, ipad or mobile
  RambleBot inside
Control the Ramblebot online experience from anywhere in the world with an ordinary browser
Recharge from normal AC power points  
Matej - Student of mechatronics with experience in CAD software, programming of PLC-s, Arduino, electronics, engineering, robotics, SCADA, automation and organisation in industrial process.
Adrian Olar - Android, Java software developer.
Jamie Costa - RambleBot 3D Designer, Mechanical Engineering. I like robots and 3D printing technologies.
Shane Weddle - Robotics enthusiast, electronic and mechanical engineer.
Sergio Yanes - Android, Java and .NET C# software developer, I like technology and robots.
Liz Rettger - RambleBot software developer, specializing in highly interactive, dynamic applications and emerging technologies. Liz works with a variety of languages, but mainly PHP, iOS, Android, Python, jQuery, MySQL, and Arduino.
Georgios Michalis - RambleBot 3D designer, mechanical engineering, mechatronics and robotics.
Andrew Noske - Matt's good friend and original idea man behind the mobile telepresence concept.
Matt Walker - Founder who needed a RambleBot to interact with his son while overseas.
Jarvis Walker - RambleBot tester / destroyer.
  We need more developers! App developers and 3D designers!



RambleBot OTG cable or bluetooth into mobile App

mobile 3G/4G or WIFI

anywhere in the world

Login to website for controls and tracking
Once logged in with the users email and password the android app allows manual control of the bot for testing as well as valuable GPS and battery level feedback. Download App Here
  RambleBot takes robot security incredibly seriously. All communications commands from the robot to mobile app to your local computer are encrypted. However if an attacker can get your email and password they could still hijack your robot and go on a remote destructive rampage. RambleBots can come with a physical ShieldPass online access card which only allows the owner of the physical card to log in remotely to the robot. In effect providing the highest level of online access security.

Online Browser Control Panel with GPS map tracking
In the profile tab you can generate a unique time based login url link which you can then simply send via messenger or paste online and give anyone who clicks this access to your RambleBot without giving out usernames and passwords. Imagine enabling low cost workers on gig sites like fiverr access to be able to actually work through the RambleBot where you are or want them to be anywhere in the world.


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Introducing the tall version of RambleBot just $299
ramblebot tall ramblebot tall ramblebot tall ramblebot tall
    Matt Walker RambleBot
Matt Walker speaking with RambleBot at San Francisco hardware conference
Matt Walker speaking at Silicon Valley hardware599 event




RambleBot desert research project!

A community project with several co-owners have pitched in together to create the first solar powered permanent desert research telepresence robot. Dropped off in a random location in the Californian desert the modified and hardened RambleBot will operate continuously, allowing members to log in over the internet and explore this rugged landscape. Our own personal Mars rover.

Updates more updates coming soon  

All solar electrical charging systems are in place and working. Testing will follow.

  Solar charging systems turned out to be more difficult than first thought in real world conditions. A new light sensing system has been setup whereby light intensity is monitored and recharging optimized from that data. Next step final assembly, hardening and camoflage.
*On Hold Unfortunately California got its biggest rainfalls in recent years and the desert is now a bog, waiting for summer to come  




RambleBot was conceived as a way for Matt who lives in California to be a daily part of of his sons lives living half a world away in Australia. Children have little interest in sitting in front of a laptop answering questions. With RambleBot Matt is able to log in each morning and become a daily part of their lives. Having breakfast together, getting ready for school, playing hide and seek around the house and even going to school and outdoors to parks, being there for picnics and birthdays.

The little Botiful was amazing for a year but being more suited to an indoor environment it wasnt long before a list of modifications were needed.

  • Firstly we needed tracks to venture outside and over grass, even indoors the sleek little botiful would get stuck on childrens toys, rugs or power cords.
  • Longer battery life, a trip to the park or school can take many hours and a mobile running on skype can use up its battery life over a few hours easily leaving the poor bot stranded outside.
  • Ability to look downwards to read paper or books on desks (speicifcally when checking homework)
  • A charging station whereby the ex was not required to manually plug in the bot every night to recharge it. The user can simply navigate to a charging station and independently recharge the batteries.
  • Web based controls, being independant of a specific application or operating system allows control from any web connected device. WEBRTC also adds an extra level of video independence.
  • Arms and grippers, being an observer is no fun when you could interact with the environment even if in a limited way.